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"Heshima" (Swahili) means dignity or respect.

In 2003 we started with 3 Street children in Eldoret. Meanwhile 15 children live in the Heshima Children's Home in Mtwapa. Schooling takes place both in boarding schools (for the older children) and in the nearby Marianna Glorious Acadamy. The local team includes "Mama Milka", the "good soul" of Heshima Children's Home, Brian - our facility manager and cook. Responsible for everything that occurs in the house. Catherine - our social worker, she takes care of the children. David - he runs our partner association in Kenya and takes care of the bureaucratic affairs in Kenya. Zawadi - cooks, cleans and is responsible for our garden. Masha - our tailor. He teaches sewing to the older children on Saturdays and on vacation. Laban - our oldest orphan. He studies business administration and takes care of the bookkeeping on site.

Heshima Children's Fund e.V. supports educational and social projects for children in Kenya. After years of exclusively private engagement of some members, "Heshima-Kinderförderung" was founded as an association in Krefeld on August 08, 2010 and on October 11, 2010 under VR 4348 at Krefeld district court as "e.V." registered. (Link: founding meeting) The association wants to support especially street children, orphans, disabled people and other needy people in Kenya. Above all, kindergartens, school lessons and the promotion of training and career opportunities should benefit as many as possible. However, the required resources and structures are often missing. We want to eliminate this deficiency by helping ourselves to self-help.

We are looking for volunteers. You are interested in social work abroad? Here you can work with or without previous experience in social projects in Kenya.

Our association works on a voluntary basis. Administrative costs and fundraising costs are borne by the Board and sponsors, so that every donated Euro without deductions is used directly in Kenya for assistance. Costs for operating the website are paid privately by the members of the association, as well as of course all travel expenses, especially to Kenya for the projects.

The children are happy about every donation.

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Informationen über Mombasa und Kenia finden Sie unter:

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